Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

Once again I was given the honor of being one of the GUEST ARTIST for this year’s Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con on Oct 27-29. Located at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the show has steadily been growing and this year is no exception. The attendance was crazy especially on Saturday!!! I met a ton of people, many whom I’ve never met before. I sold lots of prints, some original art, sketch covers and con commissioned sketches. This time I brought my new $30 Square credit card reader that I just bought. Mainly because it can read chips. Anyways, Friday was slow as expected, since most people were at work. But there was noticeably more people than usual for a Friday. I got to meet some friends who also were exhibiting at the con. Take photos before I was too busy to enjoy some of the activities they have. Saturday was when the craziness really happened. People flooded into the convention. I don’t think the new weapons ban really affected the attendance. There were still many cosplayers everywhere.  I had people come to me for commissions early, nearly from the time they let the attendees in.  I was practically drawing commissions the whole day.  Only getting up for bathroom breaks. Luckily I was placed near the bathroom, so I didn’t have to leave my table for too long for that. This show has always been a great show for me and I did even better this year. Besides selling things, I got a chance to talk to a lot of people. Signed things for people ( coolest thing being an infinity gauntlet ) I brought commissions home to work on for people to pick up on Sunday morning. Sunday wasn’t as crazy as Saturday but I was still busy drawing commissions all day long as well. I had a great time interacting with fans and meeting new people. After the show I went to eat KBBQ with a few friends. Below are some pictures I was able to take. I wasn’t able to take more since I was drawing most of the time but managed to get these. I’m grateful to everyone who stopped by my table to say “hi” or supported me by purchasing something from me. I really can’t do this without that support. Thank you and I hope to see you again soon. Take care!!!